For those new to Halo esports, one of the most historically dominant rosters of all time is back under a major brand while the scene regenerates following the launch of Halo Infinite. The Sentinels organization picked up Snakebite, Royal 2, and Lethul in early 2020, almost two full years before Infinite finally launched.

The group’s track record speaks for itself, winning back-to-back Halo World Championships in 2016 and 2017 (one with CLG and one with OpTic) and an HCS Finals championship in 2018 under TOX Gaming. They accomplished all this with the young Frosty as their fourth, but he initially wasn’t a part of the new Sentinels roster. Months later, however, Sentinels parted ways with aPG (now with OpTic), paving the way for Frosty to rejoin his teammates after a brief stint in the Call of Duty League with the Florida Mutineers.

Frosty has already accomplished so much in Halo at just 24 years old. The HCS listed him at No. 10 on its top 25 all-time list and his impressive movement mechanics set a standard that every pro wanted or wants to replicate.

Want to replicate it yourself? Here’s the controller layout and Halo Infinite in-game settings for Sentinels’ Frosty.

Frosty’s controller layout

Frosty uses the Bumper Jumper button layout, which binds these buttons to these actions:

  • Grenade – Left Trigger
  • Jump – Left Bumper
  • Melee – Right Bumper
  • Zoom – Click Right Stick
  • Sprint – A Button
  • Reload/Interact – B Button
  • Use Equipment – X Button
  • Switch – Y Button
  • Crouch/Slide – Click Left Stick

Frosty’s settings – FOV, sensitivity, etc.

Here are Frosty’s sensitivity settings for controller in Halo Infinite.

  • Look Acceleration: 4
  • Look Sensitivity (Horizontal): 4.5
  • Look Sensitivity (Vertical): 5.5
  • Center Deadzone (Look and Move Thumbstick): 5
  • Max Input Threshold (Look and Move Thumbstick): 5
  • Axial Deadzone (Look and Move Thumbstick): 5

Frosty sets his Deadzones lower than the default setting, allowing for more responsiveness of his movement and aiming inputs.

Frosty uses a 100-degree angle for his Field of View, which enables a significantly wider and taller viewing area compared to the default setting of 78 degrees.