Among Us was the best sleeper game in recent years. Despite hitting the market in 2018, the game didn’t succeed until 2020 when content creators picked it up. While it turned into a hit on Twitch and YouTube, more fans wanted to try out the game and Among Us suddenly became one of the most popular multiplayer games in 2020.

When games like Among Us are revived, most developers fail to capture the hype, losing all of their players again. That wasn’t the case for Among Us, however. Innersloth worked tirelessly to satisfy the demand of the community and also introduced the game to new platforms.

The wide availability of Among Us allowed it to ride the popularity wave since almost all gamers in the world had a way to play the game—except VR users. Considering how exciting and thrilling Among Us rounds can be, experiencing them in the first person sounds awesome right off the bat. There have been a couple of knock-off Among Us copies on VR, but the real deal will soon be available.

Among Us VR was revealed at The Game Awards 2021 and the game is aiming for a 2022 release. Players looking to try out Among Us in the first person will need a VR console. The PSVR for PlayStation users and Oculus Rift for PC games is generally what it takes for a decent VR experience. Owning the respective device for your gaming platform of choice will be the key to enjoying Among Us VR

The only footage of the game right now is in its trailer. The devs will likely announce a definitive release date as the production comes to an end. If you’d like to keep up with all the Among Us VR related updates, make sure to follow Innersloth and AmongUsVR on Twitter since the developer keeps its fans updated regarding all the details concerning its games.