Popular Twitch streamer Sodapoppin vehemently condemned the current reaction “streamer meta” and called for sweeping changes to the platform in response.

The Twitch streamer referenced the sudden rise of broadcasting full episodic television shows, movies, and other copyrighted content on the platform. “When one person amps up the content, most people have to follow suit because it’s a competitive space,” Sodapoppin said. “And now all these motherfuckers are watching TV shows. They’re watching TV shows, man. I gotta compete with that.”

Despite a warning from the head of Twitch community productions that suggested this content was “just as DMCA’able as anything else,” the trend has still persisted.

“I hope, I truly mean this, I really do mean this, I hope all of them get DMCA’d and get fucked,” Sodapoppin said. “I want that to happen. I really do.”

After reiterating his sentiment, the Twitch veteran called for larger changes to the platform that would effectively eliminate “react style” content. “I want YouTube itself, you can’t even watch YouTube videos on stream, outside of, I don’t know, like this game trailer, for example,” Soda said. “I actually do want that.”

“That would probably decimate Twitch and everyone, including me, would lose views overall,” Sodapoppin predicted. “But I do want to see the world burn. I like those kind of things.”

Reaction content has proliferated on Twitch over the past year. Countless streamers have amassed thousands of views while re-streaming shows like Master Chef. Sodapoppin may get his wish, though, if the eyes of television and film producers turn to Twitch.