A Reddit user flaunted their fully sized replica of Jinx’s signature machine gun Pow-Pow as it appears in Netflix’s League of Legends-inspired animated series Arcane.

Created entirely out of cardboard, the machine gun weighs only seven pounds despite its size and weighty look. Painted with acrylics to perfectly match Pow-Pow’s look in Arcane, the user said the creation of this replica took over 90 hours.

The creator showed a knob in the back of the machine gun makes the three barrels spin akin to how they rotate when being fired in the show, though they rotate manually and at a fairly slow speed. The massive weapon replica also features a handle to stabilize Pow-Pow and a shoulder strap to tote it around.

The replica is one of a multitude of fan creations coming from Arcane even after the end of the show’s first season. From cosplay to fan art and even prop replicas, fans have found unique ways to bring the animated series to life.

Jinx’s clothing and weapons have particularly taken center stage in fan creations. Another fan recently made a fully metal replica of Jinx’s ‘Chomper’ grenade, viewers of the show have slowly brought almost the entirety of Jinx’s extensive arsenal to life.

Arcane quickly rose to the top of Netflix’s “Most Watched” category across countless countries, and the series has only continued to resonate with fans months later. Though season two is not expected for quite some time, viewers can still enjoy both the series and the incredible efforts made by fans to replicate some of the most iconic characters and props.

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