Some Twitch streamers are apprehensive about re-broadcasting movies and television series on the platform, according to popular streamer DisguisedToast. On his broadcast last night, the content creator spoke on the so-called “streaming meta,” which involves streaming movies or shows, from Master Chef to Lord of the Rings—and risking DMCA claims despite warnings from Twitch staff.

“Everyone started watching Master Chef, but why aren’t you guys watching anything else?” Toast asked the rhetorical question. “Well, I don’t want to take that risk,” he answered. Toast found the new state most analogous to one of the situations featured in the popular Netflix series Squid Game.

“It’s like the glass game from Squid Game,” Toast said. “You see one guy jump onto a glass pane and he doesn’t fall to his death and everyone jumps on it.” Using the analogy, Master Chef was quickly popularized after streamers such as xQc and Hasanabi “took the leap” to see if reacting to the television program would result in a ban or not.

After certain streamers take the metaphorical leap and see no consequences, there is unease in the air to see who would be the next to jump. According to Toast, though, people are “too scared” to take the chance and “don’t wanna risk their livelihood.”

“So here I come on the Naruto glass pane,” he said. “You know what? fuck it. I’m going to jump on the glass pane.” So far unbanned and without any DMCA claims, Toast remained optimistic, saying “Well it has only been a week and it hasn’t broken yet. Now what? Mizkif sees that and says ‘oh, that isn’t breaking? Well, what about the Avatar glass pane?’”

Countless streamers have pioneered the streaming strategies. These shows and movies seem to be fair game, at least until companies begin to crack down with DMCA claims—which, Twitch warns, could be at any moment.