Popular YouTube content creator DrDisrespect’s resolutions for 2022 came with a dig at streaming giant Twitch. On Jan. 1, DrDisrespect tweeted his goals for this year—and they range from ambitious to outlandish.

The last goal on the list reads “unbanned and massive payout,” with the text highlighted in purple. The Doc is likely referencing is his mysterious, indefinite ban from Twitch, especially with the highlights matching the platform’s signature colors. Still without a public reason, DrDisrespect has been pushed off of Twitch for nearly two years, and he has made his disdain for the company apparent ever since.

The Doc-Con 2022 could be another dig at Twitch, considering the streaming platform will host its first TwitchCon since the onset of the pandemic this year.

In comparison, the other resolutions seem far more plausible for the Doc. The first goal intends to raise $100 million for his game studio, Midnight Society. The company is spearheaded by DrDisrespect and made up of former Call of Duty and Halo developers. Though the funding goal may be quite expensive, fans could see future partnerships with the game company ahead of its first major project.

While some of the goals are clearly meant as jokes, others could be actual plans for him. Doc’s other goal to release a music album calls back to his time making synthwave music. Additionally, DrDisrespect has previously flirted with the idea of creating a custom, gamer-branded bourbon, though if this means the beverage is currently in production or still a pipe dream is unclear.

The creator is a veteran of multiple industries and could easily be planning to make ventures into new territory. Whether a joke or not, DrDisrespect likely has some big plans for 2022.