Popular Twitch streamer and former content creator for Team Liquid, ItsSliker, has been banned from Twitch. During the first stream of the new year, titled “Better year trust me,” Sliker’s channel was temporarily taken down due to showing “accidental nudity or explicit sex content,” according to an email he received from Twitch. This is Sliker’s first ban since starting his Twitch channel.

Sliker was allegedly banned after watching a VICE interview with fellow Twitch streamer Amouranth. This interview contained clips from Amouranth’s stream, a personal interview with the controversial streamer, and several behind-the-scenes clips regarding Amouranth’s stream set up. Though featuring some possibly suggestive content, a large portion of the video was a reflection of Amouranth’s stream.

Many have been quick to criticize Twitch for Sliker’s sudden ban, claiming this is yet another case of inconsistent rulings. The VICE documentary has made the rounds across reaction streamers, and fellow Twitch partners Mizkif and Hasan have also viewed the documentary without being banned. Twitch hasn’t yet publicly commented on the situation.

Given this is Sliker’s first offense and that this ban is concerning accidental nudity, the ban will likely only last one day. This general rule on Twitch has been heavily contested in the past. Most notably, xQc viewers were enraged after the streamer faced an extended ban after showing a split second of pornography that was linked in his chat.

Though it’s an unpopular ruling, Sliker’s ban is bound to stand. The Twitch streamer will likely receive a shorter punishment since it’s his first offense, and he may be allowed to broadcast on the platform again tomorrow.