MrBeast reached $30 million donated to his recent project TeamSeas, a global campaign that looks to raise funds to remove trash from oceans, beaches, and rivers.

The famous Youtuber-turned-philanthropist is known for some videos that show people donating money and supplies to people in need. Over the years, his videos have struck a significant chord with the viewers.

We did it! Austin Russell noticed we came up a few million pounds short so he got us over 30 million 😂

Shout out to the over 600,000 different people that donated to TeamSeas and the creator community for being so awesome in supporting this 🥺❤️❤️❤️ #teamseas

— MrBeast (@MrBeast) January 2, 2022

Aside from his challenge-based videos, he has also been actively involved with TeamTrees and, more recently, TeamSeas. These projects were organized in collaboration with Mark Rober—a former NASA engineer turned YouTuber—and several other creators. The initiatives look to provide stability to the world’s ecological balance.

TeamSeas project provided a donation outlet to people. The money received will go to two not-for-profit organizations, Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup. They will remove the matching amount of trash from the oceans—a pound per dollar—and will receive the resources after the removed trash is verified. Each organization will deliver on its share of the goal.

MrBeast uploaded a video about the project on Oct. 30, where he cleaned a beach with the help of a few workers and advanced machinery. In two months, the campaign has achieved the target of $30 million, which shows the empathy and confidence that people have in this project to succeed.

This isn’t MrBeast’s first foray with philanthropy. The content creator was also an important part of the TeamTrees initiative, which raised over $20 million to plant over 20 million trees.