BenQ is highlighting its MOBIUZ series of gaming monitors at CES 2022. The company is showing off its EX3210U and EX3410R models.

While some may associate BenQ’s gaming monitors with its esports-oriented Zowie products, the MOBIUZ line is geared toward a more varied audience with larger displays and more bombastic designs with white back panels. The EX3210U is a 32-inch monitor while the EX3410R is a 34-inch monitor. Both monitor sizes are ideal for immersive gaming, but their specs cater to different audiences.

Image via BenQ

BenQ’s 32-inch EX3210U is a more traditional take on the gaming monitor. The EX3210U uses a 4K IPS display with HDRi capability. This technology is an adaptive form of HDR in that, instead of staying static, HDRi tunes HDR to the lighting in any given room. It can also add HDR to non-HDR compatible. It also ships with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and boasts a 144Hz refresh rate.

For connectivity, the BenQ EX3210U features a decent amount of utility. The monitor includes a DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.1, and four USB ports with one upstream. For those who lack desktop speakers or a solid gaming headset, the EX3210U also ships with two two-watt speakers and an integrated five-watt subwoofer. This looks like the BenQ MOBIUZ line’s jack of all trades.

Image via BenQ

In the more niche category is the EX3410R, a 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor with up to 3440×1440 (2K) resolution. This curved monitor also features BenQ’s HDRi tech and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro but uses a VA panel over IPS. Despite the switch to VA, the EX3410R’s display keeps pace with the EX3210U on paper, capping at 144Hz. Connectivity is where the two displays begin to split further, with the EX3410R having two HDMI 2.0 ports, three USB ports with one upstream, and a DisplayPort 1.4. Speaker configuration remains the same here. Like any curved monitor, the EX3410R is geared toward immersion more than anything else.

Both the EX3210U and EX3410R seem as though they’ll serve gamers well enough, but there’s one nagging issue with these monitors at time of writing. BenQ has yet to reveal pricing details for either monitor, making it difficult to come to a conclusion regarding value. More information may become available as CES 2022 rolls on.