Season 2022 of League of Legends is just days away, incorporating the most major changes introduced in preseason into the official ranked climb. Though Patch 12.1 introduces the new season to League players, only a few champions and items are being updated as Riot Games carefully watches the balance of the game into the near future.

Notes for Patch 12.1 have officially been released, and with them come a small number of changes to champions and items, marking a slow entrance into the new year rather than heaps of buffs and nerfs. Only a handful of champions are being tuned, while a few strong items are being toned down to allow for more variety in itemization. The long-awaited Teleport changes also debut with this patch, opening up new opportunities for meta changes across Summoner’s Rift.

Diana and Gangplank are the only champions being buffed in Patch 12.1, with both receiving changes to compensate for alterations in roles and runes that have hindered their ability to perform well on the Rift. Diana is receiving a slight increase in her passive AP ratios, as well as some of the damage she deals to monsters back, allowing her to more efficiently be used in the Jungle role. Gangplank’s damage suffered due to the nerfs to Grasp of the Undying, one of his most prominent keystone choices, so his Q’s mana cost and cooldown are being decreased slightly.

Sona and Rek’Sai are on Patch 12.1’s nerf list as a result of their increased prevalence during preseason. Rek’Sai’s nerfs are aimed at decreasing her value in skilled play, lowering the damage on her E as well as allowing her to burrow less often with a cooldown increase. Sona’s nerfs also tackle her skilled play prevalence, with Riot directly mentioning her strengths following changes to the mana-granting item Archangel’s Staff. Her base armor has been decreased and the cooldown Song of Celerity (E) has been increased, resulting in her speeding up her allies less often without stacks.

Problematic Mythic items are once again the target of nerfs this patch, while some Legendary items are being tuned for their power as well. Eclipse has been the premiere Lethality item thanks to buffs to its passive cooldown, so that cooldown is being reverted to its previous state. Many marksmen and non-marksmen alike are utilizing Immortal Shieldbow to its fullest potential, phasing out the use of other items like Kraken Slayer and Galeforce, so both its shield and base AD offered are being toned down. These changes are also reflected in their Masterwork versions via Ornn’s passive.

Riot noted that Force of Nature isn’t performing to the standards that it was meant to as a rival to Spirit Visage, so its Absorb stack duration as part of its passive is being increased, as well as the magic damage reduction percentage it offers. Witt’s End, on the other hand, has been doing its job to protect ADCs and offer them decent damage a bit too well, so the magic resist that it gives is being lowered.

The previously revealed Teleport changes are also accompanying Patch 12.1, giving more room for players outside of top lane to traverse their laning phase safely. Prior to 14 minutes, Teleport can now only be used on allied towers. After 14 minutes, the spell changes to Unleashed Teleport, enabling players to use the spell the way they used to throughout season 2021.

These changes are being put into effect alongside Patch 12.1. The ranked season officially begins on Jan. 7.