Start building your Clash teams, League of Legends fans. The Forge God Clash tournament is kicking off on Jan. 15 and registration opens in one week.

Riot Games announced today the arrival of the first Clash tournament of the 2022 season, and it’s all Ornn themed. League’s tournament mode for teams returns with a name that pays homage to the Fire below the Mountain, Ornn. The special Forge God Clash event will take place over one weekend, and even if the team registration opens Jan. 10, the actual tournament will be played Jan. 15 and Jan. 16. 

The Forge God tournament will not be part of the regular Clash season, so players’ Victory Points will not be affected. But participants and winners will be able to obtain special Forge God-themed rewards, from Team Logos to the coveted trophies. 

Usually by playing Clash tournaments, players will earn various rewards depending on the tier of the tournament and the placement of the team. 

According to Riot’s page for FAQ on the Clash tournament, every time a team wins, each player wins 200 Victory Points, which can be used to unlock banners shown on the player’s profile. Clash players can also obtain trophies, Clash orbs, and capsules containing skins, emotes, and even gemstones. 

League players who want to challenge themselves in a Clash tournament will need either a Basic or Premium Ticket to enter. A Basic Ticket lets you participate, but if you’re confident, a Premium Ticket will offer even greater prizes. Each teammate chooses their own ticket entry and their individual rewards scale off that. Once your Basic or Premium Ticket is set (when your full team locks in before a match), your entry can’t be changed.

Clash’s tournament format is a single-elimination bracket composed of eight teams of the same skill level. If the team loses on the first day of the two-day tournament, they can return for the second day and participate in another bracket.

Even if the Forge God tournament will not count the players’ VP, the first Clash tournament of the season will make up for it when it arrives in Patch 12.4.

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