Riot Games officially unveiled the newest VALORANT agent on Jan. 5 with a trailer showcasing the Manila-born agent Neon and her fast, electric ability kit.

While it hasn’t officially been confirmed yet, Neon appears to be taking on the duelist role just by looking at her abilities—and she should be “sprinting onto the scene” at the start of Episode Four: Disruption.

Here’s a look at all the abilities that Neon can make use of. These abilities will be updated with official names and keybindings when that information becomes available.

Sprint and slide

Neon has the ability to stow her weapons and move quickly around the map in an all-out sprint. Additionally, she can surprise enemies around corners with the ability to slide on her knees. She can slide with her weapon drawn right after a sprint, catching enemies holding headshot angles off guard with rapid quickness.

Concussive charge

Neon also has the ability to fire a concussive charge that can bounce off up to two walls before falling to the ground. The charge then pulses on the ground, like a KAY/O grenade or an Astra concussive charge, dazing enemies caught in its area.

Double firewall

Neon can summon two Phoenix-like fire walls, creating a corridor surrounded by blue flame that she can sprint and slide through.

Ultimate – Lightning finger guns

Neon’s ultimate ability lets her harness her electric power and focus it into a lightning beam that erupts from her fingertips. She can apparently sprint and slide while using it, and it looks like it can melt through shields and health. Additionally, opponents appear to twitch when getting hit by it, which would hinder their ability to aim at her.