With Apex Legends’ season 11 already past its halfway point, it’s time to start looking forward to season 12 and all the new skins, maps, and modes it has to offer. And, of course, there’s always a new legend to look forward to.

That new legend might just be able to tell players exactly where the enemy is, according to popular Apex streamer Brandon “aceu” Winn during a Twitch livestream last week.

Aceu leaves open the possibility that this is not the case, stating he’s “pretty sure the next character…has a wall-hack ability. Could be wrong.” Still, if anyone is in the know about upcoming Apex content, it’s the former NRG pro and popular content creator who says the information was “leaked to [him].”

It’s still unclear who the next legend will be and how any potential scan ability they have might work, but if aceu’s information is correct, the character will join a roster crowded with abilities designed to give away enemy positions. Apex launched with only one character who could spot out hard or impossible-to-see enemies: Bloodhound. Since then, however, several more characters have been added with features that give valuable information. Most notably, all of Seer’s abilities reveal enemies in one form or another, and the overwhelming strength of his tactical and passive abilities at gathering and revealing information on enemy whereabouts required one of the swiftest nerfs the game has seen.

Regardless, season 12 is shaping up to be an interesting one, especially if another ability akin to a wall-hack is added to the game. Make sure to keep your heads on a swivel in the Outlands; you never know who might be watching.