There’s some great news for League of Legends players who are obsessed with the Final Fantasy series: Someone has created a custom Tryndamere skin that looks exactly like FFVII’s main protagonist, Cloud Strife.

In a minute-long YouTube video released by user Wetcake, Tryndamere is on Summoner’s Rift decked out in Cloud Strife gear, wielding the signature Buster Sword that Cloud has become synonymous with.

Cloud Strife is a character that’s appeared in various games since his introduction in Final Fantasy VII, released in 1997. Since his release, he’s also been in multiple Kingdom Hearts titles and a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series.

All of Tryndamere’s pre-existing abilities are present with the skin, as well as his original voice acting. His champion style that many League fans have come to recognize remains the same, too. Being able to play as Final Fantasy’s leading man while manning the top lane sounds like a dream.

The custom Cloud Strife Tryndamere skin was first uploaded to the website Killerskins and was created by an author known as Karma Enthusiast. Killerskins is a site that allows users to upload customized skins that can be downloaded as .zipfiles for League players to use in-game. But these custom skins should be avoided if you’re entering a ranked game or one against other people. 

Karma Enthusiast has created a multitude of skins that range from different variations of the Arcade-themed skins in League to even creating popular characters such as Hades from Hercules and Master Chief from Halo

Fans of Cloud Strife can install this modded skin through the Killerskins website by using LCS-Manager, a service that helps users download .zipfiles of custom-created skin projects.