Apex Legends‘ Dark Depths event will kick off the battle royale’s 2022 content plans with a new Arenas map set in leviathan nesting grounds and a plethora of cosmetics all themed after oceanic myths of old. With flash events containing free rewards running alongside the usual premium store throughout the event, these are three weeks of Apex that you won’t want to miss.

The Dark Depths event will begin on Tuesday, Jan. 11, and conclude on Tuesday, Feb. 1.

When Dark Depths goes live, the first flash event track, the new Arenas map Habitat, and the first incarnation of the premium store will come with it. The store will feature new Legendary skins for Fuse, Ash, Lifeline, and Horizon, as well as returning skins from previous collection events such as Fight Night and Iron Crown. Both the event track and store will rotate throughout those three weeks, bringing in new available content to earn and buy.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Some of this rotating content, namely the returning items from other collection events, will only be around for a limited time. If you’re looking to purchase the Fashionable bundle for Bangalore or the Deathproof bundle for Revenant, they’ll only be available in the store for one week until Jan. 18, so make sure to log in and lock them down before they’re gone. They’ll then be replaced by the Void Protector bonus bundle for Wraith and Wattson’s Haute Drop bundle. These will be available for two weeks until the event ends on Feb. 1. All of the newly released skins with Dark Depths, such as Broseidon Fuse, will be present in the store in a variety of bundles but will remain craftable beyond the runtime of the event if you’re short on Apex Coins right now.

Each week will also bring with it a new flash event track, containing free rewards ranging from Crafting Metals to exclusive skins. Complete challenges throughout the event to make the most of these offerings and make sure to earn the rewards from each track that you desire before the following week’s Tuesday reset since the new track will replace the previous one.