Great video games inspire great artwork from fans, and Apex Legends is rich with material for artists and cosplayers to dig into. One of the game’s more popular skins got the “real-life treatment,” with a fan going above and beyond to recreate Valkyrie’s helmet from the Birthright skin.

Reddit user 03MendicantBias posted the helmet, which includes an incredible amount of detail. It not only nails the most noticeable design elements of the helmet, with the red and yellow color scheme and patterns, but it also includes just about every notch and bolt visible on the skin’s helmet—including the carbon fiber patterning on the grey bits, and even the dirt, grime, and places where the paint scheme has been scratched and rubbed away.

The accompanying Imgur album shows off even more angles on the helmet, including the back side where the Viper callsign is included, a nod to Titanfall 2 and Valkyrie’s father.

Accordingly, the level of detail achieved took a long time to do. The helmet’s creator mentions in the Reddit thread that the project took them several months to make in response to another user attempting to commission one for themselves. Apologies to all of you Valk and Viper enthusiasts out there. If you want one of these, you’re going to have to put in the work yourselves. 

Still, the finished product is truly a thing to behold. Stay tuned to see if any more pieces of the skin make their way into the real world. With a helmet this good, a full cosplay might be just around the corner.