Apex Legends players have had ample time to get to know the game’s newest map, Storm Point. The creativity of one Wattson player has created a truly devious trap only possible on the tropical locale.

Aptly-named Reddit user “aaaaaaaaaaaahhh96” was the unsuspecting victim of a horrifying yet beautiful trap set by Wattson. Using the character’s Perimeter Security tactical ability, the Wattson player made a star-shaped trap of doom on the landing pad of one of Storm Point’s Gravity Cannons.

The player was immediately stun-locked by the electric fences, which slow and damage its victims, as they landed on the platform and were taken out by the duo that was lying in wait. Luckily, they survived the encounter thanks to their Octane teammate, but it was undoubtedly a few seconds of pure mayhem and terror.

You can slightly alter where you land from a Gravity Cannon, especially on certain legends like Horizon or Valkyrie, but it’s hard to blame this Reddit poster for being overwhelmed by the trap laid before them.

Wattson received some substantial buffs at the outset of season 11 in Apex. The defensive legend had her tactical ability’s damage increased along with buffs to its debuff duration, placement range, a decrease to its recharge time, and even more.

Keep an eye out for this one, Apex players, and think twice before jumping into a Gravity Cannon or be met by an untimely demise.