Originally spotted by VideoCardz, a trustworthy source for GPU news, Intel switched over its targeted release window for its Alchemist Arc GPU line from “coming Q1 2022” to “coming 2022.” The change follows Intel’s CES 2022 presentation where its discrete GPUs were noticeably missing outside of mobile platforms.

Despite the change in the release window, a rep affirmed that Intel is “…targeting the first Alchemist products to be in market in Q1 2022.” While this statement seems innocuous enough, using the word “first” casts a bit of doubt over the likelihood of that window holding for the desktop GPUs.

Intel revealed that it’d be working with laptop manufacturers to bring its mobile graphics to market in Q1 2022. These seem to be the likely “first” Arc products, considering they were touched on during the CES 2022 showcase. This is further supported by reliable YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead’s assertion that the desktop Arc Alchemist GPUs have been pushed to Q2 2022.

Screengrab via Intel

The messaging surrounding the launch of Intel’s Arc Alchemist discrete graphics cards has been mixed. Considering the Q1 2022 release window goes back to Intel’s Architecture day in August 2021, the change here is somewhat concerning. Combined with the absence of a meaningful demo during the CES 2022 showcase, Intel is sending some mixed signals regarding the status of its Alchemist line. Granted, we live in a time where nearly everything software and hardware-related is subject to multiple delays, so it isn’t out of the question for desktop Alchemist GPUs to emerge in Q2 2022.

Image via Intel

Intel’s Arc Alchemist line of GPUs is based on Intel’s Xe-HPG architecture. Using Xe-HPG architecture provides gamers with ray tracing support, mesh shaders, variable-rate shading, and DirectX 12 Ultimate, putting Alchemist on pace with heavy hitters like AMD and Nvidia.

While a delay for the desktop Arc Alchemist GPUs would be disappointing, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the previous rumors and speculation surrounding the website’s language hold true. Still, in the world of chip shortages and delays, it’s never fun having to wait on shiny new components. For those looking for an alternative to AMD and Nvidia, Q2 2022 can’t come soon enough.