Twitch streamer Dwight_LOL admitted on stream earlier this week that he got on a plane despite experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and went to the gym after testing positive for the virus—and other streamers and viewers alike made sure to let him know they disagreed with his decisions.

After showing symptoms of the virus, Dwight refused to stand in line to take a COVID test and proceeded to get on a flight. He argued that he didn’t know he had COVID but said he had “a fever and muscle aches” and believed he may have had the virus prior to the flight.

When a fellow streamer said he should have delayed his flight to wait for test results, Dwight rebutted. “I tried to schedule it as early as possible… and I tried to stand in line but there was a two-hour line and I said ‘fuck that, I’m going home,’” he said. The streamer proceeded despite warnings from the chat regarding the severity of his words, saying “those old people didn’t give a fuck. They were on the plane.”

After admitting that his test returned positive, the streamer continued to actively go out in public and risked spreading the virus further. When asked by another streamer if he went to the gym the day after his test results came in, Dwight hesitated to answer. Breaking his silence, Dwight feigned his apology. He later deleted the VOD and all of the clips from his channel.

Dwight’s actions have largely been condemned by fellow streamers, viewers, and passive onlookers. With the rise of the Omicron variant, COVID cases in some countries have been higher than ever before. The world is still firmly entrenched in the global pandemic and Dwight was heavily criticized for potentially spreading the virus with his actions, with one commenter saying his actions were the “definition of selfish, complete disregard for the safety of anybody around him.”