During a Jan. 6 Twitch stream, xQc vented his frustrations surrounding Los Angeles’ infrastructure and frequent internet issues.

Earlier in the stream, xQc noticed a significant delay between his chat and actual livestream, which has been a reoccurring issue in recent weeks. The French-Canadian streamer then opened a notes tab to type out his vitriolic message.

“I’m done with this shitty internet situation that we’ve been having for like 3 weeks,” the Twitch star typed. “I’m gonna fly home and stream from old place. This was a nice time here but I value the stream and the viewers time, I hate when [people] have a bad viewing experience.” Keeping the quality of his stream at the forefront, xQc declared his intent to return home, possibly referring to Quebec, Canada.

XQc ended his stream shortly after, but not before he turned his announcement into a tirade against Los Angeles infrastructure and internet. “I can’t even tell if chat can read this, with how fucking delayed the stream is,” xQc wrote. “Fuck LA infrastructure, fuck the ISP. Fuck the [oligopolies] and the absolutely disastrous internet setup here. Dogshit.”

XQc reiterated his sentiments on Twitter shortly after the stream, reaffirming that he plans on returning home, “where ever that is,” and that he’ll return to his normal broadcast soon. XQc’s stay in Los Angeles was a short venture and the popular streamer will now look to broadcast from elsewhere after several frustrating weeks.