Popular Twitch streamer CohhCarnage expressed his concern for Twitch after the prevalence of re-broadcasting copyrighted content on the platform, according to a tweet from today.

The streamer said other creators are potentially putting their platform in danger. “Right after one major steamer gets DMCA’d, another starts testing the waters with other dangerous content (Toast with Deathnote),” he wrote. Countless streamers have engaged with copyright-protected content, and some of the site’s top content creators have streamed a wide range of titles—from Lord of the Rings to Master Chef—on their channels.

The first ban regarding this content may have struck, but streamers have yet to grasp the severity of the situation, according to CohhCarnage. “Poki plays off the two day ban and promotes her return stream with a smile,” he said, in reference to Pokimane’s recent ban. Pokimane, one of the largest streamers on the platform, received a 48-hour suspension after streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Cohh went on to write about the potential legal ramifications of the recent trend. “I can’t imagine any licence holder doesn’t take a look at what’s going on and realizes how there are fundamental problems with both the creators AND the platform,” the streamer wrote. “I hope Twitch is locked down legally because [it’s] not a good look at all.”

CohhCarnage’s opinion has sparked debate surrounding the culpability of Twitch and whether the punishment should apply to the streamer or the platform. While the future of re-broadcasted content on Twitch is unknown, it seems the eyes of publishers and license holders are beginning to turn to the platform.