LNG Esports’ newest mid laner and 2019 League of Legends World Champion Kim “Doinb” Tae-Sang made a miraculous escape through the enemy team’s jungle as Viktor on his stream today.

The Houdini-esque escape began around the 18-minute mark. Heart, Doinb’s in-game name, ran into the enemy jungler’s territory with his team on the other side of the map. He pathed behind the red buff, getting hit by the enemy Lux’s Lucent Singularity before swiftly sidestepping her root.

Instead of trying to make an exit to the bottom lane, Doinb ran deeper into the enemy jungle, where Lee Sin came and joined the chase. Shortly after, a barrage of enemy abilities comes at Doinb, and he once again sidesteps the majority of them before continuing on.

He laid down a Gravity field, temporarily slowing down four enemy champions before they began catching up again. While he sidestepped a good chunk of abilities, Doinb took a considerable amount of damage and a tower shot.

Image via screenshot of Reddit Clip.

By the end of the sequence, Doinb is left with just 89 health to his name before his teammates finally enter the screen. With just a sliver of health left, Doinb confidently lays down one more Gravity Field, where his teammates are able to kill both the enemy LeBlanc and Lee Sin.

Some may wonder why Doinb did not just run back to his teammates at the very beginning of the play. It could have been just a mistake or an opportunity to practice his sidestepping for the upcoming LPL split. 

Nonetheless, the entire 37-second sequence was enchanting to watch, and Doinb ended the clip running off like the invulnerable main character he is.

Doinb recently competed in the Demacia Cup 2021 in December with LNG, where they finished third-fourth at the preseason event. The Demacia Cup was Doinb’s first tournament with LNG Esports, who qualified for the 2021 World Championships, finishing 12th-13th in the competitive Group D. 

Photo via Riot Games

It was also his first set of games in nearly three years where he was not representing his longest-tenured team, FunPlus Phoenix, which he left following an unsuccessful run at Worlds.

Now, both Doinb and LNG Esports will look to build off of that respectable performance once the LPL 2022 Spring Split begins on Monday, Jan. 10.

Until then, Doinb will continue to keep his mechanics in shape as the League offseason comes to an end. Who knows—maybe he will squeeze in one more highlight clip before the new season kicks off.

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