The electrifying agent 19, Neon, is the newest to arrive in VALORANT, and she could take Jett’s throne as the superstar of agility when she lands. Content creators are already limit-testing the agent and came across a super slide technique.

One of the Filipina agent’s abilities, High Gear, allows her to run faster than usual and even slide on a two-kill cooldown. The ability makes rotations easier and helps evade gunfire, find shelter, or secure a new angle to reengage a fight. But this isn’t where the agent’s capabilities end.

TPAXTOP uncovered the super slide with Neon, and many content creators jumped on board to test out the technique. Neon’s super slide can be activated when she goes over high walls with elevation and uses her High Gear ability. While the ability speeds her up, players need to time the slide perfectly as they hit the wall to get a major speed boost and to successfully execute the super slide. Landing the technique correctly pushes her over to the end of the wall and maintains most of her momentum. This allows the agent to rotate very quickly and peek enemies at a ferocious speed. 

Early into VALORANT’s lifespan, players also had a similar interaction with Jett on the Rope dash, which allowed the agent to cover large distances. Months after the game launched, players figured out a super dash with Jett’s signature ability, which allowed them to reach abnormally high altitudes or close considerable distances in seconds. The Jett super dash is only possible in a few set locations, and it is relatively difficult to pull off consistently in matches. Neon’s super slide, on the other hand, seems more applicable.

Though Jett has been in the game since the beta and players discovered her super dash months after her release, developers didn’t immediately remove or fix the ability to do this in the game. This led certain players to getting skilled at Jett super dashes. One of the famous names is HowToNoodle, who frequently makes educational VALORANT videos on the agent’s super dashes. However, it seems Jett has a rival in this department as well.

It is still unclear if Neon’s new mechanic is a bug, and if the developers will fix this with the arrival of the agent in the game or if it’s working as intended for speedsters like Neon and Jett. If this remains in VALORANT, it could become a recurring theme in terms of speed-based agents coming into the game.

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