With VALORANT’s latest, electric agent sprinting onto the stage next week, it’s safe to assume fans have already started crafting their own versions of the new Filipina addition. One creator, however, already got a head start and designed a full cosplay of Neon—with Riot Games’ blessing.

Filipina cosplayer Charechii was contacted by one of the biggest gaming communities in the Philippines, RUMBLE ROYALE, a few months ago about a project with Riot Games. During the meeting with Riot, Charechii was stunned to find out she would be the first cosplayer to bring VALORANT’s newest agent, Neon, to life.

And Charechii delivered. In only two weeks, she and her team put together an incredibly detailed cosplay that fans are in absolute awe of. 

The electric-blue hair with pigtails is spot-on, and the costume maintains accuracy down to the character’s pink and blue satchel with a cute octopus-looking plushie and even the electric sneakers that help Neon sprint faster than any other agent. Every detail on this cosplay is incredibly well thought out. 

In one of the pictures, Charechii poses as Neon with a Vandal on her shoulder in a setting that looks like a VALORANT map come to life. You can’t get much closer to the real deal. 

This isn’t the first time Riot has commissioned talented cosplayers to help breathe life into the characters of their popular FPS title. During VALORANT’s first anniversary in June 2021, five cosplayers were contacted to make cosplays of Astra, Killjoy, Reyna, Skye, and Yoru. 

Neon arrives in VALORANT next week in Episode Four, Act One.

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