The word puzzle game Wordle has drawn a lot of attention to kick off 2022 after experiencing a surge in popularity late last month.

Created by Josh Wardle, the game is a relatively simplistic word-guessing puzzle that resets on a daily basis. Each day, players are encouraged to guess a five-letter word from a list of 2,500. Players can guess the word up to six times in a day.

After players enter their guess, each letter in the word will be assigned a color. Gray indicates that the letter is not in the word at all. Yellow means that the letter is in the word, but it is not in the position that you put it. Green means the letter is a part of the puzzle word and is in the correct position as well.

Following each guess, gray letters will be blanked out on the keyboard displayed at the bottom of the screen. This will prevent you from reusing letters that are not in the word.

Screengrab via Twitter

Once you’ve accurately guessed the word or run out of guesses, you will have to wait until the following day before you can play again. After each day, you can share your results on social media with a special post that will display an emoji grid displaying the colors each of your guesses produced.

The daily word resets every day at 11pm CT. You can start your Wordle journey by going to the game’s website at