While conflict rages between Horizon and a resurgent Ash in Apex Legends’ quest this season, a partnership grows between Bangalore and Wraith–and a storm brews between Bangalore and Revenant.

Respawn Entertainment gave fans another look at the animosity-turned-tentative-friendship between Bangalore and Wraith in a Twitter comic from today, drawn by community artist Jocsaii. Bangalore’s arc has been torn between the search for her missing brother Jackson and her fracturing bond with Loba since the conclusion of The Legacy Antigen at the end of season nine. The new comic, presumably the first in a series we will get to round out the season, re-opens these wounds.

The comic begins with Bangalore tinkering fruitlessly with an old IMC beacon carrying bits of a message. She is disrupted by Wraith entering her apartment, but with good reason: the Interdimensional Skirmisher has a lead on Jackson. A contact of hers in Solace City claims to have information on his whereabouts, but Bangalore’s doubts overwhelm any optimism due to the lack of hard evidence and the reputation of Solace’s citizens in her eyes.

It takes some convincing for Wraith to break through those doubts, but Bangalore eventually lets Wraith see what unfolds with this source. With a small ounce of hope returned to her that she may be reunited with her brother after 13 years, she goes back to working on the beacon. The previously garbled messages become clear, and we see they are the same recorded messages found on old logs on Storm Point—messages meant for her family, trapped on the other side of Frontier space.

But before Bangalore has long to reminisce on nostalgic memories of home, a second arrival to her apartment catches her attention. Revenant breaks in through the window, and before Bangalore even has the chance to raise her P2020, he takes a seat at her desk. He doesn’t take long with the formalities: he’s here for a little chat with Bangalore. One that we’ll no doubt see in following entries.

This conversation likely pertains to Bangalore’s bond with Loba. In the conclusion of the Legacy Antigen, we saw Revenant planned to seek revenge on Loba by taking away what she holds dear. Bangalore and Loba have been close friends since the events of The Broken Ghost in season five, with a dash of flirting since at least season six. Tension only recently developed in their relationship with the arrival of Valkyrie, and a moment of miscommunication that saw Loba believe her feelings for Bangalore weren’t mutual. Revenant most likely hopes to clarify the details: he wants to know which target will hurt Loba the most.