3D Artist and Graphic Designer Daniel “Bearded Shepherd” Matos took it upon himself to invite Seraphine into League of Legends’ Crystal Rose Festival when he created his own 3D model of Crystal Rose Seraphine.

The Crystal Rose skin line in League is a series built around champions who attend the annual Crystal Rose Festival to form alliances and negotiate truces. Eight Crystal Rose and four Withered Rose members exist, with the recent three additions being Akshan, Janna, and Elise

The idea to create a custom Crystal Rose Seraphine began when he found artist Konstantin Tesla’s concept for the Starry-Eyed Songstress. “When I found Konstantin’s concept, I immediately fell in love,” Matos wrote. “I used Seraphine’s KDA ALL OUT Superstar head and created the entire rest of the model and textures.”

Though the original design was just a 2D concept, Matos brought the enchanting skin to life through a 3D model that can be viewed on the site sketchfab.

Image via Riot Games

As a 3D Artist and Graphic Designer, Matos has created multiple custom League skins through the site for the past two months. Some of his previous works include a Spirit Blossom Katarina, a KDA ALL OUT Evelynn Prestige Edition, and his most popular skin, Star Guardian Caitlyn.

Matos’ customized skin for a League champion is hardly the only custom skin in League. Several other fans have created their own skins based on their favorite skin lines or even brought pre-existing characters from outside of the League world into the game.

The Crystal Rose Seraphine skin will become a playable custom skin starting on Valentine’s Day, according to Matos. All of his work, along with the custom 3D skins, can be found through his portfolio on ArtStation.

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