Discord servers allow users to get together with like-minded individuals. You can join a server filled with fans of your favorite TV show or create one for you and your friends. Despite its purpose, there’s one aspect everyone will notice when they get into a server, and that’s the design.

During the early days of Discord, designing a server faced some constraints since users could only add text to channel names. That hasn’t been the case for a while, though. Discord allows users to add emoji to channel names, allowing them to get creative.

Decorating your channel names with emoji can draw the attention of new members when they join your server for the first time and it can also make it easier to navigate around channels. Using unique emoji for each channel will let members distinguish channels by not even checking their name since they’ll remember the emojis.

While sending emoji on a Discord chat is relatively simple, it can get be harder than it looks when it comes to adding them to channel names. Here’s how you can add your favorite emoji to Discord Channel names.

How can you add emoji to channel names on Discord?

Changing channel names on Discord requires permissions to manage channels or admin privileges on the server. If you’re just a regular member, you can’t make any changes to the fundamentals of the server.

  • Launch Discord and head over to the server you want to tweak.
  • Right-click on a channel or a category and click on Edit Channel/Category.
  • Open unicode’s full emoji list and copy the emoji you’d like to use on your channel or category.
  • After copying, head back to Discord and paste the emoji on the name section.
  • Once you apply the changes, the emoji will show up on the name, and everyone in your server will be able to see it.