An Amazon preorder recently went live for the 2022 Magic: The Gathering Challenger decks, revealing the strategies used in the entry-level Standard preconstructed decks.

Mono-White Aggro, Dimir Control, Rakdos Vampires, and Gruul Stompy are the four strategies in this year’s release. Each list represents prominent decks in Standard. They aren’t optimized versions of the decks.

Challenger decks are preconstructed 60-card decks with a 15-card sideboard. These are usually released before the set rotation in the fall.

A bundle of all four decks is listed at $105.21. Each individual deck is listed at $26.

Mono-White Aggro is one of the three best decks since the fall rotation of 2021. With Thalia, Guardian of Thraben on the box art, Mono-White Aggro looks to play cheap creatures that become greater in larger numbers.

Rakdos Vampires received most of its support in Innistrad: Crimson Vow, including the deck’s face card, Florian, Voldaren Scion. The strategy is focused on draining the opponent’s life while generating Blood tokens.

Dimir Control is led by Iymrith, Desert Doom and uses efficient removal to deal with the opponent’s threats and clear the way for a big-mana finisher.

Gruul Stompy appears to be a Werewolf tribal deck headlined by Tovolar’s Huntmaster. The plan is to curve out with aggressive creatures and manipulate the day and night cycle to make your creatures even better.

The power level for these decklists is low but is more than capable of being used at a Friday Night Magic event. Most of the cards included in the decks will rotate in the fall, however.