How well do you know your favorite streamers? That’s the question one Twitch fan set out to answer with their browser-based game Twitch Tweets.

A Reddit user shared their multiple-choice quiz game to the LiveStreamFail subreddit. Twitch Tweets is a game where fans can test their knowledge by attempting to match the right streamer to their tweet. Players will be shown a tweet with no information on who was responsible along with four streamer options. Select the right one and you keep playing, but if you choose incorrectly, your run is over.

Right now, there are eight streamers featured in the game. These are Mizkif, xQc, Pokimane, Ludwig, Hasan, MoistCr1TiKaL, Sodapoppin, and Sykkuno. From these streamers, there are a combined total of 40 tweets that you will randomly receive while playing the game.

The game’s creator, lilboybrandon, shared some extra information on what could come to the game via the Q&A on the subreddit.

“I’d like to expand this game to highlight other (more curated) streaming circles. OfflineTV, OTK, and various VTuber orgs come to mind, and ideally, each of these orgs would have a separate pool of tweets to guess from,” lilboybrandon said.

You can try out the game for yourself by visiting the Twitch Tweets website.