The second major balance patch of the 2022 League of Legends season is on its way. Earlier today, Riot Games released a detailed list of changes coming to the game in Patch 12.2. In total, 16 champions are set to be buffed, nerfed, or adjusted in the upcoming patch, with five in particular on the table to receive nerfs. 

One of the most prominent nerfs coming to a champion in Patch 12.2 will be for Zed, who is set to see the damage output on his ultimate, Death Mark, reduced immensely. The ability’s Attack Damage ratio is slated to be cut from 100 percent of Zed’s AD to 65 percent. 

Another assassin, Qiyana, is also scheduled to receive nerfs in Patch 12.2. The duration of the grass effect of Qiyana’s Elemental Wrath (Q), is being reduced from 3.5 seconds to three seconds. 

Other nerfs in Patch 12.2 include a decrease in Talon’s effectiveness against jungle monsters—a facet of his kit that was buffed in Patch 11.18—and an increase on the cooldown of Lulu’s Whimsy (W). Shen is also set to see a full percentage point of percent-health damage axed from his Twilight Assault (Q) at all ranks. 

Apart from champions, the effects of the Hextech and Chemtech Dragon Souls are both scheduled to be nerfed by Riot in the upcoming patch. The camouflage timer on the terrain spawned by the Chemtech Rift will also be increased. 

League of Legends Patch 12.2 is slated to hit live servers on Jan. 20, according to the game’s official patch schedule.