Team Liquid support CoreJJ has reportedly been unable to obtain a green card and may alter Liquid’s initial plans regarding its starting roster for the 2022 season, according to Upcomer.

Heading into the 2022 season, Liquid had planned for its new star-studded lineup built around CoreJJ to make a statement at the LCS Lock In Tournament. That plan could fall apart if CoreJJ, Liquid’s captain, is unable to acquire a green card.

If CoreJJ’s green card issues persist, Liquid will need to bench CoreJJ, AD carry Hans sama, or top laner Bwipo from the starting LCS lineup. According to Upcomer, it appears Bwipo’s spot may be safe, as Liquid plans to combine one of its LCS bot lane stars with an Academy player.

Liquid Academy support Bill “Eyla” Nguyen will play if Liquid fields Hans sama in the starting lineup, while Academy bot laner Sean “Yeon” Sung will play if CoreJJ is in the main lineup.

Team Liquid currently finds itself in a troublesome situation due to the LCS’s roster rules that permit each team just two non-resident players on the same starting lineup. Until CoreJJ is able to acquire a green card, thus shedding his non-resident designation, Liquid will need to keep a very talented player on the bench. Both Eyla and Yeon have been sharing scrim time with their LCS counterparts as Liquid continues to prepare for this scenario for the upcoming 2022 season.

Regardless of who does eventually start in the bot lane, Liquid’s lineup will consist of the European trio of Bwipo, Santorin, and Bjergsen, the latter of whom joined the lineup after a near seven-year stint on TSM.

The LCS Lock In tournament begins on Jan. 14 and concludes on Jan. 30. On Feb. 5, the 2022 LCS Spring Split will begin.