The melee updates intended to release in VALORANT Patch 4.0 didn’t make it in the update and will instead be included in the 4.01 patch next week. 

Patch 4.0 introduced several significant updates, including Neon, the new Duelist. Bind and Breeze also received updates, while multiple weapons like the Spectre and Ares were adjusted. The patch was also meant to update the melee attack, but this change didn’t make it into the game. 

The intended melee adjustments originally listed in Patch Notes 4.0 didn’t make it in. They’ll instead get added as part of Patch 4.01, which comes out next week!

— VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) January 12, 2022

But Riot Games has confirmed the updates will be included in Patch 4.01, which will be released next week. The changes will make the right-click melee hitboxes 1.5 times larger, and the left-click hitbox will be larger than the right-click hitbox. The left-click will also have a longer range. The center of the knife attack will hit targets first, allowing players to have precise aim with the melee attack, and walls will also have instant feedback when hitting them. 

Patch 4.0 introduced several exciting changes to VALORANT, but it also made an adjustment that many players aren’t enjoying. Many have complained about the Ares being overpowered after the patch, as its buff has made it a popular weapon in all ranks. Some pro players have spoken about the issue, with few having anything positive to say. 

It is unclear if the Ares will be further adjusted, but fans might see an update to the weapon alongside the melee changes in Patch 4.01.