YouTube superstar Logan Paul claims that the $3.5 million case of sealed first edition Pokémon TCG boxes he purchased in late 2021 is fake.

After an extensive investigative report by the YouTuber Rattle Pokémon, Logan set out to have the contents of the case verified in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel earlier today. In this video, the team quickly could tell that the boxes had been resealed. Inside each box appeared to be packs of the GI Joe trading card game that had been placed inside and sealed to masquerade as Pokémon cards.

The origins of this case were sketchy at best. Included in PokeBeach’s report, the box initially went up for purchase on eBay in a listing by a seller with no feedback that was hesitant to let any potential buyers verify the case in person.

After a purchaser got ahold of the box, they had it verified by the Baseball Card Exchange. And while they may have a history of great work in the baseball trading card world, their experience with Pokémon was limited. The box was then sold down the line for an increased value until it landed in the hands of Logan Paul for $3.5 million.

Ultimately, as you’d expect, these fake boxes hold little to no value, so it’s unlikely this will be the end of the story for Logan Paul and other buyers as they attempt to get answers and their money back.