When it comes to new year resolutions, it’s important to set achievable goals, which looks to be the case for Krafton and its PUBG: New State. The developer promised a banger of a start to 2022 at the end of last year and the new content is starting to make its way to the live servers.

With the new season PUBG: New State’s map roster will get a new addition, a new playing field with a rough terrain featuring vegetation and mountains. Leading up the first season of the game, players also received a new game mode, Extreme Battle Royale. Compared to the regular game mode, Extreme Battle Royale matches last relatively shorter with their 20-minute average survival intensity.

When will PUBG: New State’s season one start?

PUBG: New State’s first season was scheduled to start on Jan. 13 at 12am CT, but the maintenance was delayed by two hours. The first season of PUBG: New State went live on Jan. 13 at 2am CT instead.

In addition to a new map, the latest patch also introduced a new weapon, P90, weapon balance tweaks, animation updates, audio updates, various quality-of-life upgrades, the Survivor Pass Vol. Three, and changes to Station the Team Deathmatch map.

If your favorite weapons were affected by the balance changes, finding your balance again may take a while. Going through the patch notes above can help you focus on what to look out for during your first match since adapting to new strategies faster than other players can be the key to finding success early in the season.

The metagame should naturally evolve as the season progresses and keeping an eye on what high-ranked players are prioritizing in their gameplay will continue to remain as one of the best ways to improve your gameplay.