Fnatic concluded the first day of the 2022 LEC Spring Split with a win over Team BDS.

Both League of Legends teams aimed to have a successful debut in the new season. Fnatic went through a roster overhaul during the offseason, while BDS is the sole new organization in the LEC after acquiring Schalke 04’s franchise spot.

But there could only be one victor today. And despite BDS’ aggressive early game, which spearheaded them in the first few minutes, Fnatic held it together and came out on top.

The new LEC team’s early advantages were built mostly on the back of Adam and Cinkrof’s smart aggression in the top lane, which netted them two kills each. It felt like BDS had an idea on how to convert those small early wins into the later stages of the game as they pushed both of the sidelines, where they picked up even more solo kills.

But Fnatic knew their win conditions and managed to split their opponent’s carries thanks to Razork’s impressive engage in a key fight around the 22nd minute. Two minutes later, another crucial fight was won by Fnatic, this time on the back of Hylissang’s admirable all-in, which turned the tide of the match.

After that, Fnatic were in the driver’s seat. BDS—and especially Adam on his signature Darius pick—tried their hardest to stand their ground and were fairly successful at it. But their indecisiveness while pushing Fnatic’s bottom lane created another opportunity for Hylissang and the rest of his crew to capitalize on. At that point, the Bulgarian support and his squad had no issues closing out the game.

The LEC returns tomorrow with more League action. In the opening game of the day, two of today’s winners will clash when Rogue go up against Misfits. You can catch all the action on the LEC’s Twitch channel.