Misfits Gaming beat Astralis today in a 40-minute back-and-forth affair that had four Barons taken throughout the 2022 LEC Spring Split showdown.

This League of Legends game between Misfits and Astralis began slowly. It went without a kill until the 12-minute mark when Misfits’ Vetheo overstepped as Yasuo, resulting in Astralis mid laner Dajor’s first kill in the LEC before experiencing his first death at the hands of the opposing mid laner.

Both sides continued to try and get an advantage over the other to no avail. But after a temporary pause, Astralis found a pick onto Misfits jungler Shlatan behind the dragon pit. This led to two more kills onto Hirit and Mersa. Astralis converted those kills onto three Misfits players into an early 20-minute Baron play.

Image via Astralis

In what was then meant to be the point for Astralis AD carry Kobbe to begin scaling up, he and Promisq were picked off in the mid lane, resulting in a minuscule Baron power play and the game remaining even. While Astralis were able to garner a seven to four lead in kills, the gold lead didn’t grow. And in a fight just a few minutes later in the top side of the Rift, Astralis officially lost any tempo advantage they had early on.

Misfits maintained a strong macro game with all lanes continuing to slowly push into Astralis’ base. While Astralis were able to stall out further advancements to their Nexus off the back of some creative engages from Dajor, it became only a matter of time before Misfits closed out the game. And three Baron pushes later, Misfits grabbed the win in their first LEC game of the 2022 season.

Image via Astralis

The entire game can be summed up to struggles building a lead after a Baron play. It was a running theme for whoever got the Baron to lose the immediate teamfight after. Moving forward into 2022, this will be something that both teams will have to work on as they look to build chemistry and cohesion with their new rosters.

Now 1-0 in the 2022 LEC Spring Split, Misfits will try to build on this first game moving forward into week one against Rogue and BDS. As for Astralis, they’ll look to challenge as the underdogs in their matches against G2 Esports and Rogue in the LEC superweek.