Every League of Legends player has a list of characters from the game that are their favorites. At the same time, most fans have some champs that they don’t like, to put it frankly.

Yet regardless of what kind of person you are, there’s no way you’re not a fan of poros. Those tiny, magical, and deeply loved creatures have been in the game for a couple of years now, becoming popular beings since they were added.

Still, it seems like poros have made some enemies as well. In a clip posted on Reddit by TheWooperKing, a poro was surprisingly targeted by an unusual enemy.

The video takes place in League’s ARAM mode. If you’ve ever played a game on Howling Abyss, you probably know one of the cutest Easter eggs in the game. On the frozen map, you can feed the appearing poros with biscuits, which are added to your inventory at the start of the game.

No matter what’s happening, neither team can target poros. But in TheWooperKing’s video, one of them was running away from the enemy team’s fountain. To the surprise of many viewers, the little creature was targeted by the Nexus Obelisk, which eliminates those who overstep and enter the opponents’ fountain.

Once the poro was getting beamed down by the beacon, question marks from TheWooperKing’s teammates immediately appeared. But it’s tough to find an answer as to why the poro became a target.

There are two possible solutions. Either it was a simple bug or the poro angered the enemy team’s Nexus Obelisk. Looking at how it survived and was unruffled for the remainder of the clip, we believe that the latter option is most likely.