Counter-Logic Gaming dismantled Immortals’ League of Legends squad with a blazing 24-minute victory on the second day of LCS Lock In today.

The draft for CLG was set up for rising star Luger to carry the later stages of the game as Jinx, with his support Poome playing Lulu to aid that win condition. And right from the beginning, CLG’s bot lane continued their dominance from 100 Thieves Academy, getting an early kill on Immortals’ new AD carry Jason “Wildturtle” Tran. 

As a result, Immortals jungler Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir prioritized his bottom side and aimed to slow down the CLG bot lane. Instead, a bottom lane tower dive transpired into a three-for-two in favor of CLG, where the kills were funneled onto Luger’s Jinx. With the bottom lane snowballing for CLG, Xerxe prioritized getting his top side ahead. At the 10-minute mark, the map was completely split: Immortals held control of the top side, while CLG dominated the bottom half of the map. 

The two teams traded kills on the opposing sides of the map for the next few moments. Luger’s Jinx continued to build her items after four kills, and the mid game swung over to CLG’s side once Luger trickled his lead into more map control for CLG and a Baron buff at the 20-minute mark. The game completely snowballed, with Luger collecting kills on Immortals team while pushing the mid lane forward with a Baron buff. 

Desperate, Immortals made one last attempt to claw their way back into the game and took a shot at Luger. In the end, though, the new-look CLG marched into the Immortals base and collected their first win as an LCS team in 2022.

While a small sample size of two games, CLG AD carry Luger remains deathless under the LCS spotlight. He went 6/0/4 against Immortals, a lineup many believe has high potential as an LCS dark horse in 2022.

Immortals, though, aren’t having the start they hoped for in the CLS Lock In tournament, being one of the only teams with their intended lineup at the preseason tournament.

CLG they will look to build off of their reinvigorating win and will face LCS Lock In favorites Evil Geniuses in the final game of day two.

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