Even small patches can change how usable a Pokémon is at every level of matchmaking in Pokémon UNITE, but when the game introduces new Pokémon and makes major changes, the best players in the world tend to take notice. 

Reddit user duelaxis gave fans a fleshed-out look at the most common Pokémon picks for those top players in the final patch before Trevenant joins the roster on Jan. 20. 

Using the data from the last 20 ranked matches for every player within the top 100 of UNITE’s global rankings, duelaxis has compiled the top Pokémon used by the top of Master Rank during the patch. And, when compared to the previous usage rates from version—the pre-Dragonite patch—there is a stark difference in some of the rankings. 

With the addition of Dragonite, top players have started using a rotation of three All-Rounders. 

Image via u/duelaxis

Dragonite took Lucario’s top spot from the last patch, seeing a nearly 20 percent usage rate on teams made up of players from the top 100 thanks to its versatility and self-sustaining build. Lucario dropped from first to third in usage, dipping below Eldegoss’ 10.8 percent usage rate at 10.3 percent. 

Tsareena also jumped to fourth from fifth in the newest ranking, pulling in 10.1 percent usage. And, rounding out the top five is Pikachu. The Electric-type Attacker surged into the top 10, jumping 10 places. 

Wigglytuff joins Eldegoss as the only other Supporter in the top 10, dropping to seventh at seven percent usage. Talonflame retained its title as top Speedster in the new patch and continues to rise slowly through the ranks, sitting at eighth with a 5.6 percent usage rate. 

The biggest drops in the 10 were Venusaur, who dropped six spots to ninth, and Gardevoir. The Psychic-type stock completely tanked, dropping 10 spots and losing nearly all of its usage rate as the new meta pushes in. 

Image via duelaxis

Greedent and Snorlax are the only Defenders featured on the list, ranking sixth with 7.3 percent usage and 10th at 3.9 percent usage respectively. Slowbro could end up breaking into the top 10 in the next patch since it jumped seven spots to 11th and is barely trailing Snorlax in usage. 

It is very likely that nerfs for Dragonite and Tsareena will be included in the next big patch, which should drop when Trevenant is released on Jan. 20. You can view duelaxis’ collected data, which includes usage rates all the way back from October, on their updated spreadsheets.