Though some doubted former G2 Esports member Wunder after his lackluster 2021 season, the veteran top laner proved himself—and the rest of Fnatic—with an impressive victory against Perkz, Alphari, and the Team Vitality League of Legends supersquad today.

Before the start of this year’s season, analysts and fans alike considered Fnatic and Vitality as the two strongest teams in the league since they have plenty of known European superstars. Their overall level as a unit, however, was still up in the air since many of these players hadn’t competed together before.

Today, LEC fans got a first taste of how these juggernaut rosters will look like, and it’s clear Wunder is on a mission to become the best top laner in the region again. From the early stages of the game, he was pulling off exciting outplays that had fans rising from their seats, including a one-vs-three outplay that had the casters calling him “a god among men.”

In fact, Wunder was arguably the most influential player on the Rift for his team, since he was constantly finding great engage opportunities on Gragas to kick off skirmishes. He ended the match with four kills, nine assists, two deaths, and a landslide victory for Player of the Game with 89.6 percent of fan votes.

As a whole, however, Fnatic and Vitality jostled for position throughout the entire game as they both found picks that kept the game relatively close. In fact, the game ended with a gold differential of only 800 between the two teams, showing how evenly matched these rosters are.

Unfortunately for Vitality fans, this marks the team’s second loss in a row this weekend. The European powerhouse just hasn’t been able to rise to the challenge, but they still have one more game against Excel Esports to bounce back. Even if Vitality lose tomorrow, it shouldn’t be a huge cause for alarm. Many teams have gone through rough patches before finding their stride for the rest of the split, and this star-studded team isn’t exempt.

Catch Perkz and the rest of Vitality in action when they take on Excel tomorrow at 11pm CT.

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