Before Evil Geniuses’ first game of the year, the team announced head coach Peter Dun is being promoted to head of League of Legends coaching staff. His spot will go to former assistant coach Gabriel “Turtle” Peixoto, who has been working with the organization since December 2020.

“We have been nothing but impressed with Peter since his addition to our staff last season,” EG general manager Andrew Barton said in a statement. “With this new and exciting expansion of our coaching staff, we’re thrilled to be moving Peter into a position to have stronger oversight into Academy and Amateur.”

Peter Dun has been a vocal advocate for the support of younger talent, and now he can help guide the development of the organization’s Academy and Amateur lineups. His main focus is still with the LCS team, according to the announcement, but his new position offers him “stronger oversight” into the other categories.

In the meantime, 27-year-old coach Turtle has jumped on board as the roster’s new head coach. Evil Geniuses also moved former strategic coach Connor “Artemis” Doyle into the LCS Performance Coach role, where he will “better advocate, promote, and improve the health and well-being of our players.”

“Not only does [Turtle] have an excellent approach to the game and leadership, his work ethic is second to none,” Peter Dun said. “He is consistently the first person in office and always amongst the last to leave. In addition to his contributions with the LCS team, he has a lot of respect from staff and players across all levels of the organization through his work with both EGA and EGP.”

Evil Geniuses’ complete coaching staff consists of:

  • Peter Dun as Head of League of Legends Coaching Staff 
  • Naser Al-Naqi as Head of Scouting 
  • Gabriel “Turtle” Chavez as LCS Head Coach 
  • Earl “Rigby” Han as Assistant Coach 
  • Connor “Artemis” Doyle as LCS Performance Coach
  • Richard “Draxyr” Yuan as Bot Lane Positional Coach
  • Razvan Nistor as Top Lane Positional Coach 
  • Sebastien “zzLegendary” Demontigny as Academy Coach 
  • Ian “Ido” McCormick as Prodigies Head Coach

Catch Evil Geniuses in action today when they take on Team Liquid and Counter Logic Gaming on the official LCS broadcast.

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