Fans have been waiting a long time to see how the shop will work in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. And, with today’s overview video from Konami, they now have some concrete details about the store—though nothing about microtransactions yet. 

Several aspects of the shop were blurred out, likely to keep from spoiling future reveals, but fans noticed that multiple different types of packs will be available to purchase using Gems, the in-game currency for Master Duel

Gems can be earned through completing missions, challenges, and other in-game events, though there is likely going to be an announcement about how microtransactions play into the system soon.

Users can purchase an individual pack from sets they need to build out their collection in the Pack tab of the shop. Each pack’s menu will show the highlighted cards from that set, the odds for pulling said cards, and how much each pack will cost. 

Image via Konami

The Stalwart Force pack featured in the Normal Pack overview includes powerful meta cards like Eldlich the Golden Lord, Borrelsword Dragon, and Pot of Desires. Each pack will cost 100 Gems, but you can also purchase 10 packs for 1,000 Gems and guarantee yourself at least one Super Rare card for no additional cost. 

Players can also purchase entire decks from the Structure Deck tab, giving them easy access to building around certain archetypes easily. And, unlike in Duel Links, you can purchase up to three copies of each Structure Deck only using Gems—at least in the build used for the overviews. 

Image via Konami

Each copy of the Magician of Pendulum Structure Deck costs 500 Gems in the trailer.

In addition, the Accessories tab gives players access to their Duel Mates—monsters that represent the player on their selected Duel Field. It also hosts the areas where users can purchase different Duel Fields, Card Protectors, and Icons. 

Image via Konami

There was also a Special tab in the shop, but the video did not touch on it. It will likely only be available when promotions or sales are live in Master Duel.

Along with details about the shop, we also have confirmation that a public spectator mode of some kind will be available in Master Duel, allowing users to watch duels from around the world in some capacity. 

Image via Konami

The final overview trailer for Master Duel will release on Jan. 19, where TGS Anime will go over the Duel Mode of the game and give players a look at just what they can expect from the platform’s core feature. 

Master Duel is set to release for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and “many other platforms” in Winter 2021, meaning it should drop at some point before the end of March. And if that final overview trailer is any indication, it could drop sooner rather than later.