In the last match in the LEC today, G2 Esports employed the services of Runeterra’s resident Rogue Sentinel in their battle against MAD Lions. Unfortunately for them, though, Akshan wasn’t enough to stem the tide of the pride of Europe.

Both teams were coming from opposite sides of the coin in today’s League of Legends game. MAD looked to bounce back after a disappointing, 55-minute slugfest against SK Gaming, while G2 were riding high off the momentum of back-to-back victories vs. Excel Esports and Astralis. Momentum was on the side of the samurais, but the Lions had different ideas about how the entire game would go.

In terms of draft, G2 set themselves up with a timer for victory by not only picking Akshan, but also choosing Kassadin in the mid lane. The Void Walker is at his most powerful state once he hits level 16, which forced MAD to push the pace and continue making plays so their opponents couldn’t stall enough for Caps to become a problem.

With champions like Ornn, Thresh, and Jarvan IV, MAD pressed G2 as much as possible by finding picks and starting skirmishes at a moment’s notice. The team’s rookie AD carry UNF0RGIVEN also had a field day alongside his strong frontline, dishing out a whopping seven kills and three deaths. The Swedish 21-year-old also won Player of the Game honors for his efforts.

Looking at the standings, G2, MAD, and Misfits Gaming all sit tied for second place with 2-1 records, while Fnatic and Rogue remain as the only teams without a loss. Next week, fans could see the pack separate a bit more as teammates settle into their new environment and teams build more synergy.

Catch both of these teams in action as they hop back into Summoner’s Rift next week. The LEC continues on Friday, Jan. 21.

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