The LPL match of the week between Weibo Gaming and Bilibili Gaming marked the end of the first week of domestic play. While WBG’s record reached an even 1-1, BLG debuted its entirely new roster with a win. Defeating WBG 2-1, BLG started its LPL campaign on the right foot.

The first game was a battle of assassin junglers, with Weiwei’s Talon pick pulling ahead of SofM’s Zed. TheShy became a target of early aggression, giving away several early kills that built BLG an initial lead. Through neutral objective control, Weibo kept the game competitive and continued to build as a scaling threat.

Winning over every dragon, one final fight in the pit broke the game open for Weibo to close out. Weibo’s scaling threats in Viktor and Gwen spearheaded the engagement, not only winning the fight but also gaining Dragon Soul and the Baron to solidify their lead. Off the efforts of its two solo laners, WBG took the first game of the series.

Game two’s early game was similarly characterized by Weiwei’s proactivity, facilitating a gank in the top lane once again. Both of BLG’s side lanes created significant leads as the bottom lane duo of Doggo and Crisp also found several winning skirmishes.

Winning across all lanes, BLG’s concerted team effort created a 2,000 gold lead by 15 minutes, which only snowballed to 8,000 by the game’s end. In the most one-sided game of the series, BLG evened the score to 1-1.

WBG took an initial lead for the first time in the series in game three, once again finding success through neutral objective control. BLG crawled their way back into the series through several marginally winning, albeit messy jungle skirmishes. Catching WBG at the Baron pit, BLG found an unlikely winning fight that quickly turned into a race to the nexus.

Missing the star LPL player in Uzi, BLG showed that the team can still pick up wins even without this massive carry threat. Though it is unclear whenever Uzi will make his debut on the roster and mark his official return to the LPL, BLG can be satisfied with their first win of 2022.

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