A handful of games originally released on the PlayStation 3 have started popping up on the PlayStation 5’s digital storefront with actual pricing options. 

As pointed out by VideoGamesChronicle, games like Dead Or Alive 5 and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands now show actual purchase prices rather than only telling users to subscribe to Sony’s on-demand games streaming service, PlayStation Now.

These pricing options have only appeared on the European version of the PS5’s PlayStation Store, which makes sense given Sony has reportedly been pulling retail cards for PS Now in Europe. This is likely in preparation for the launch of a new service similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, codenamed Spartacus.

According to the initial report, it will offer a three-tier subscription model, starting with access to PS Plus benefits all the way to offering subscribers a classic library of PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games, along with “extended demos,” game streaming, and more. 

The company hasn’t shared details about when this subscription model will launch. Paired with the continued manufacturing plans for the PS4, though, Sony will likely launch it on both its current and last-gen consoles, giving players on both the ability to play games from previous generations.

There is also a chance that this could lead to a more fleshed-out backward compatibility function on PS5 in the future for older titles, though that prospect seems unlikely based on how Sony handled backward compatibility when developing the console. If this isn’t an error, it will likely play into the new subscription service and offer players a way to own the game and play it via the cloud.