Popular streamer Pokimane has accused Ninja of aiding fellow content creator JiDion in receiving a lighter punishment after being banned for harassment.

In a Dec. 13 stream, Pokimane ended her stream after JiDion’s viewers flooded Pokimane’s channel with hateful and misogynistic messages. This led to JiDionbeing banned for 14 days, a suspension that would be turned into a permanent ban.

The drama has continued, however, as Pokimane alleged that JiDion viewers flocked to Ninja in hopes of helping the streamer return to Twitch. Pokimane referenced a now deleted clip that JiDion reacted to, where Ninja said JiDion can’t “ratio bitches” on Twitch.

Pokimane took offense with Ninja’s language, saying “JiDion obviously immediately takes it as Ninja calling me a bitch. Ninja then says he meant bitches generally.” Pokimane went on to pose the question, “I wonder if Ninja would have said ‘bitches’ if it was a large male streamer that was hate raided.”

Pokimane also said Ninja promised he would help JiDion by contacting his representative at Twitch.

“Why Ninja would help someone evade a ban for harassing me, I have no idea. I genuinely don’t know,” Pokimane said. “That night, yes, it sucked to have so many messages in my chat doing whatever, but Ninja’s behavior is actually what surprised and bothered me the most.”

Later on in the stream, Pokimane showed several DMs between herself and Ninja. The messages showed Ninja denying he ever contacted his Twitch representative regarding JiDion’s ban. Ninja also sent Pokimane an ominous message: “Also you are making a big mistake.”

In response, Ninja has tweeted that “all will be explained,” but no further elaboration has been provided at the time of writing.

Update Jan. 17 7:21pm CT: Pokimane has tweeted a screengrab of a message between herself and Ninja’s wife and manager Jessica. In the message, Jessica said she and Ninja are “considering everything defamation of character at this point are getting our legal team involved.” Jessica alleged Pokimane of “spewing lies to tens of thousands of people.” In a separate tweet, Pokimane said she is “willing to accept” the theory that Ninja did not actually contact his Twitch representative but pretended to do so on stream.