Fortnite has just received its latest update, which has introduced new features to the game and brought back an iconic location. As usual, Fortnite dataminers have been quick to scour the files for upcoming content, and one of the unearthed items appears to be a collaboration between Fortnite and Arcane.

With the release of Fortnite’s v19.10 update, Vi from the League of Legends Netflix series Arcane was found within the files. According to renowned leaker HYPEX, this skin and new Marvel skins will be joining the game within the next two weeks.

This new skin looks just like the character from the Netflix series and is set to become the second character from the League of Legends franchise to join the Fortnite roster. Before Arcane debuted, Fortnite added Jinx to its character lineup.

Vi will also have accessories released alongside the skin, according to dataminers. These will include a new backbling, harvesting tool, and an emote. Other skins found within the latest files include new Marvel collaborations with Hawkeye, bringing Kate Bishop and Clint Barton to the game. Green Goblin will also make his debut.

There has been no official confirmation of these skins or specific release date given by leakers, so fans will have to sit tight for an official announcement in the near future.