Using your gaming headphones of choice should be a piece of cake, but it isn’t as straightforward in the case of the PlayStation 5. Sony’s newest powerhouse console is capable of connecting to devices wirelessly but if you’re aiming to use a Bluetooth headset, you’ll have to take some additional steps to get connected.

The biggest pitfall here is that the PS5 does not directly support Bluetooth for third-party devices. This means that, while the console will connect to devices like the DualSense controller and the Pulse 3D Wireless headset, you won’t be able to use Bluetooth devices from other manufacturers. There is a workaround to this, though.

Grabbing a Bluetooth adapter with a USB-C or USB-A connection type will remedy the issue. Be aware that the PS5 has three USB-A ports and a lone USB-C port. If you’re using the USB-C port as a means of storage expansion, then you’ll need to run a USB-A Bluetooth adapter to avoid any interruption in your gaming.

Any Bluetooth adapter should do the trick, but the Avantree Leaf and Creative BT-W3 are ideal starting points for your research.

The pairing process is simple once the console recognizes your Bluetooth device. Pairing instructions will vary depending on your headphones and Bluetooth USB adapter, but the process generally goes like this:

  • Plug your Bluetooth adapter into an open USB port.
  • Entering pairing mode on your headphones or headset.
  • Enter pairing mode on your Bluetooth adapter.
  • Your headphones should now be paired with the Bluetooth adapter.

While it isn’t the most convenient way of connecting a Bluetooth headset to the PlayStation 5, it beats forgoing using your preferred headset and having to buy another.