Pokémon Legends: Arceus footage has begun surfacing online since leakers got their hands on the game, and one thing that seems to have quite a lot of new changes is battling.

With new footage, we’ve now seen a huge change to how battles take place where trainers and wild Pokémon can face off against players in two-vs-one battles, giving the game an advantage.

In a battle with the trainer Adaman, the player can be seen using their Ponyta against both Eevee and Leafeon. This isn’t the only change that leakers are reporting to the battling process, though.

Another leak suggests that players can switch Pokémon and attack on the same turn, something that hasn’t been possible in any previous Pokémon game.

It also seems that Pokémon battles in Legends: Arceus are going to be more difficult for players than traditional Pokémon games. Previously, The Pokémon Company revealed that battles in the game will introduce a new attack style mechanic where players select between Strong and Agile styles to use their attacks.

With still more than a week until its launch, there is likely going to be even more leaks from the game surfacing online revealing new gameplay additions. Pokémon Legends: Arceus launches on Jan. 28.